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2017-03-08 15:15


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  20s are always awesome. You are young and free, with your whole life ahead of you. You have the choice to achieve anything you want, and are free from many of the responsibilities that come with being in your thirties. However, usually only when you’ve turned 30, you realized there’re much you haven’t done yet. And it’s harder to achieve them once you enter another stage of life.

  These are the things I wish I did in my 20s. If you’re in your 20s, maybe it’s time to take action right now.



  1. Travel to a farther country

  In my 20s, when I still have time and freedom, I didn’t travel to many countries that are far far away. Because I didn’t have much money. Now I have some money, but I don’t have enough time. If I can go back, I’d find more ways to earn the money or any ways that can support my traveling.

  1. 去比较遥远的国度旅行


  2. Reject people who don’t deserve a position in my life

  There’re some people who aren’t meant to stay in your life. At that time I was too afraid to hurt others and always hesitate to reject people. At the end, everyone hurts, or everyone wastes their time.

  2. 拒绝在你的生活中不那么重要的人


  3. Apply for my dream job even if it’s low-paid

  When you’re still young, never let anything stop you. Looking back, I was worried about too many unimportant things that told me not to go for what I really like.

  3. 即便低薪也要申请梦想中的工作


  4. Travel alone

  The world is beautiful, and there is so much of it to see. Travelling alone means you get to do everything that you want to do, and it will make you more independent and self-reliant.

  4. 独自旅行


  5. Learn to cook a few healthy meals

  Take-out food is expensive (and normally pretty unhealthy). Learn to cook a few meals that you love so you can always eat something delicious and healthy. What you ate would be reflected by your body in your 30s.

  5. 学会烹饪健康的事物


  6. Travel with friends

  Have an amazing time in another country with your best friends. It will be one of the best times of your life, and you will never forget the memories. When you enter your 30s, it’ll become much harder to find a time to just see your friends.



  7. Let go of grudges

  The past is in the past – they are only weighing you down.

  7. 放下怨恨


  8. Spend more time with my parents – and forgive them

  I used to be too hard on my parents. I thought they were not good enough. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, even your parents. Spend time with them and work on your relationship together.

  8. 多陪陪父母—原谅他们


  9. Ditch toxic relationships

  Stop holding onto relationships that make you feel upset or stressed out. They will never change, and real friends don’t make you feel awful.

  9. 放弃不好的人际关系


  10. Talk to everyone (and anyone)

  Small talk can lead to new opportunities and friendships.

  10. 和每个人谈天(任何人)


  11. Be honest with myself and others

  Your life will be much happier and less stressful – lying always complicates things.

  11. 诚实对待自己和他人


  12. Find a type of exercise that I enjoy

  Exercise is a lot of fun if you are doing something that you actually enjoy. There are lots of options out there; yoga, basketball, soccer, hiking, walking and so no.

  12. 找到自己喜欢的一项运动


  13. Brush and floss my teeth

  You only get one set of teeth. Look after them every day!

  13. 刷牙,用牙线清洁牙齿


  14. Take more risks

  Not just one risk – take as many as you want! Life is very limiting when you are motivated by fear instead of passion.

  14. 多冒险


  15. Stay up all night having fun with my friends

  As you get older, it will be harder to go without sleep. Make the most of it now by staying up late with your friends and having fun together. Go to a club, a bar or a concert and stay out until the sun comes up!

  15. 熬夜与朋友们一起玩耍


  16. Be as busy as I can be

  Staying busy means making memories and achieving goals. When you do nothing, nothing obviously happens as a result.

  16. 尽最大可能忙碌


  17. Make more new friends

  Replace your toxic relationships with happy, fulfilling new friendships.

  17. 交更多新朋友


  18. Start paying off my debt

  Make your debt disappear in your twenties so you have the extra income in your thirties for other responsibilities.

  18. 开始偿还我的债务


  19. Spend a night under the stars

  Camping is a lot of fun, and it’s awe-inspiring to take in the night sky.

  19. 在星空下度过夜晚


  20. Write a letter to an old friend

  This is a sweet gesture that shows your friend how much you appreciate them, and they can treasure the letter forever. Sometimes it’s a small gesture that can keep your friendship forever.

  20. 给老友写信


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